Healthy Carbohydrate from BAU BAU, BUTON Island

VOYAGE OF THE SEA from “Kendari” Celebes to “ Bau Bau” Buton island (it takes 7 hours).

Enjoy eating “KASOAMI” carbohydrate made of Cassava: eaten with various fish ..very delicious.
want to read my reportage about world greatest fort ( written in MURI: Indonesian Record Museum) from ex BUTON Sultanate. The great Dragon, WA KA KA the native of china as the first Queen of “BUTON KINGDOM”): please CLICK option menu on the right side: Published article of my adventures).

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Salahuddin Sjukur said...

Mas Gagoek, terima kasih sudah mengunjungi daerah saya di Bau Bau dan mencicipi makanan khas Kasuami